Frequently Asked Questions

I want to learn more about Hackerspace.SG. How?

Join the mailing list. Lurk for a while, then engage in discussions. Optionally, write a short email to introduce yourself.

You may also drop by any time members are around, especially when an event is happening.

I'd like to visit Hackerspace. Do I need to make an appointment?

No. Just drop by. There are usually people around between noon and midnight.

If you want to get your time and money's worth, come when an event is taking place. Check the calendar.

Do you guys, like, break into websites and steal passwords and Bitcoins and stuff?

No. We're hackers, not crackers.

I think my fiance is cheating on me again. Can you help me hack into her email account?

No. See above.

By the way, this may not be obvious to you since you're too close to the situation, but it sounds like you probably shouldn't advance to the next level. Also, having children will not improve a relationship that's already on the rocks.

I'm looking for a co-working office for my non-tech business. Should I take a desk at HSG?

Tech startups are welcome at HackerspaceSG. Non-tech startups might be more comfortable at a commercial co-working space.