HackerspaceSG calendar of events

Hosting an event

If you wish to host an event at HackerspaceSG, please refer to the Hosting Events page on our handbook.

Rojak calendar

Why rojak, you may ask? Rojak, which means “wild mix” or “combination of ingredients” in Malay, is built on a vibrant assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, which may include pineapple, cucumber, sweet turnip, water spinach, green apple, beansprouts, water apple, green mango, guava, slivers of lime zest, and shredded ginger bud.

This calendar aggregates the calendar for SGEntrepreneurs, HackerspaceSG, Geek/Tech/Dev/Design, TheList.sg, Barcamp and WeBuild.sg. We apologise for the duplication of events as there doesn’t seem to be any other easier way to show you the interesting events (excluding HackerspaceSG’s cleaning every Tuesday, of course).