Bank of development boards



  1. Inform about boards and shields available for sharing.
  2. Connect with people that played/used particular tech.

Lending procedure

  • All boards should ideally stay at HackerSpace at all time.
  • Just mail the person that is owner of the board to lend or express interest.

List of available boards


  • Teensy v3.1 (Arduino-compatible ARM board) - MJG
  • Arduino Micro (breadboardable Arduino with AtMega -- - MJG
  • Diavolino (standard Arduino with AtMega -- shield compatible with Uno) - MJG

ARM-based with Linux

  • RasPi B rev2 - MJG
  • Olinuxino Lime (RasPi clone with AllWinner A10, expected to be available *as long as there is demand) - MJG
Fernvale platform
  • MediaTek 6260 SmartWatch from FitBo - MJG
  • MediaTek 6260 Fernvale Frond board - MJG

Other ARM-based kits (non-Arduino)


  • Papillio 250K FPGA with LogicStart wing (Xilinx ISE SDK works beautifully on any Linux.) - MJG
  • Lattice Micro IceStick FPGA (Diamond SDK seems to need old RedHat to work) - MJG
  • Altera Cyclone IV Dev Board - MJG