Join us!

Membership Tiers

Resident — $512 SGD monthly

A reserved desk for co-working. You can keep your stuff at the desk. We'll label a desk with your name, in honour of your contribution.

Hotdesk — $256 SGD monthly

Priority at desks whenever you drop by the space (oversubscription may occur at peak hours, we aim for 90% availability). You cannot keep your crap at the desk.

Regular Member — $128 SGD monthly

Use any of the open desks. Hang out on the sofas. Keep your crap in a locker (rental applies). Use the workbench. Borrow books from our library. Keep your toys and tools onsite.

Broke Member — $64 SGD monthly

If you are a student or a starving hacker, all the benefits of regular membership at a reduced rate. Also, if you really want to support the space, but don't come by regularly.

How do I sign up?

Drop by HackerspaceSG and get to know us. Hang out for a week or two, just so that we can know you better, and so that you are sure that you really want to be part of the community.

Complete the membership form and pass it to any member. You need two members to support your application.

We accept membership payments via direct bank transfer to the Hackerspace.SG Standard Chartered bank account:

Bank code: 7144
Branch code: 057
Account Number: 5701304090

The account name is Hackerspace.SG Pte. Ltd. and the bank code is scblsgsgxxx (which is the SWIFT code). Once you have the right bank code the branch code of 057 should display on your internet banking interface.

Another painless way is to use PayPal to enter into a monthly subscription.

HackerspaceSG monthly membership

We reserve the right to reject membership applications for any reason.


Hackerspace.SG welcomes infrequent visitors and foreign travellers. Guests are invited to drop by whenever members are present.

If you would like to visit Hackerspace.SG but do not know a member, please let us know via Facebook, IRC, or the mailing list. Alternatively, come visit us at any of the public events listed on our calendar.

Personal Belongings

Members are invited to leave their stuff at the Hackerspace, with the understanding that other members and guests may use, handle, break and discard them. This includes, but is not limited to: computers, keyboards, mice, chargers, furniture, and toys.

Please clear all personal belongings from your desk when you leave Hackerspace for the day. (This doesn't apply to the desks and personal belongings of members who are subscribed to the Resident tier.) Please be considerate to fellow members and guests.

Membership Addons

Hackerspace.SG offers three sizes of lockers for rental to members. Big lockers are SGD15 per month, small lockers are SGD10 per month, and tiny lockers are SGD7.50 per month.

Address rental for members' companies are at SGD 10 per month. Please email for more details.

Monthly addon subscriptions

Disclaimer of Responsibility

Hackerspace.SG will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.

Dealing with Old Hardware

Hackerspace.SG implements the Old Hardware Pattern.

Organizational Form

Hackerspace.SG intends to operate like a non-profit, but has incorporated as a Pte Ltd for convenience. There are presently four directors.

All finances will be transparently disclosed to the membership.

We intend to operate with a small profit margin.

Any operating surplus will not be distributed to partners or members, but will be directed at activities approved by the Hackerspace.SG board of directors.